Make group administrator of all projects except some

Hi, I have created a group and I would like members of this group to be administrators of all projects except some specific ones for which they should be developers.
I tried giving the group the project administrator role on all projects and then project developer role on the single projects, but it looks like TC gives the group administration privileges on all projects.
I'm wondering if TC shouldn't instead apply the most specific rules first.

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Hi Simone,

Users and usergroups store roles merely as a set of permissions, not rules. The roles order isn't taken into account, and the roles are applied on "AND" basis: the user has this role at a particular scope and this role and this one, etc.
I believe your case can be easily configured, if you give admin role for particular projects, not for all.


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The problem is that I want to make a group admin of all projects _except_ some. Not the other way around.

BTW I realized there are a couple of open tickets on the issue tracker, I'm following those ones.


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