Issue tracker integration with Mingle

I was wondering whether anyone is using TeamCity with any kind of integration to Mingle.

At the very least, I'd like to be able to use the Issue Log tab for a build configuration to link to the cards representing finished tickets in Mingle.  I feel like this could be done if there was just a 'generic' type of Issue Tracker configuration, one that would let me put in the base URL that would then have the issue number appended to it.  Something like:


and then the issue log could at least have a list of card numbers, which a user could click on and it would take them to the card in Mingle.

It would of course be even more cool if TeamCity could display the card descriptions.  And from then even better a commit with a card number and some kind of other meta information (like finished) could cause an transition to take place in Mingle (eg, send to QA).

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Hello Chris,

It seems you can try to implement this as a TeamCity Java/JRuby/Groovy plugin.


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