Swabra plugin - status?

I was just wondering what the status of the Swabra plugin is?

I want to sometimes clean my builds before running a new one - I am writing a simple Trigger to allow me to do this on a schedule (e.g. to have a clean Nightly build). Swabra looks like an interesting way of doing this more quickly than the "Nuke the site from orbit" approach that I have right now.

The plugin wiki page says it is bundled with TeamCity 5.1, but I can't find it in the plugin list?

The builds against 5.x have been paused for three months - are these ever going to be turned on again?

Or should I just grab the last successful build and use that?




Hello, Mark,

What TeamCity build are you running?


We're running the latest 'stable' version 5.1.4 (build 13550)

Reading up on what is in the EAP, I can't wait for 6.0 :-)


Also - don't know if this is relevant - our TeamCity server is Ubuntu Linux, but the Agents are Windows Server 2008.


The latest swabra build compatible with 5.1.x can be downloaded here.
The cleanup can run before new build start. You can also enable locking processes detection.

The latest swabra features will come with TeamCity 6.0.


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