What is the url for downloading artifacts of personal builds?

Given the build type id of say,bt42, and my TeamCity server located at http://teamcity.josh.com/, what is the url for downloading the artifacts zip bundle for my most recent personal build?  Preferably I'd like to include the authentication in the url, if possible.

Some background: I do all my smoke testing in a VM.  Many times a day I revert the vm, fire up a browser, and download my artifacts for my personal build onto the vm desktop.  I'd like to automate this as much as I can.


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If you know build number or internal build id you can download build's artifacts as described in the doc.

And the id of the personal build you can try to get using REST API with URL like:
(supplying username/password as basic authentication)
which retuns the list of builds in XML including personal builds.
REST API is avaialble only since 5.0
TeamCity 6.0 will have a bit easier way to get id of a personal build with only single request which will serve the id in reply.

As a side note: this seems to be related to TW-12947.


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