TeamCity 5 and Gallio 3.2 test names getting truncated

We are currently having a problem with our TeamCity truncating/repeating test names from Gallio. Some are blank, some contain the file path repeating over and over.

I don't know if the problem is with the Gallio TeamCityExtension (providing badly-formatted service messages), or TeamCity (not parsing them correctly).

Note the names are also manged if you download all tests from TeamCity in CSV.

See attached screenshots for what the output looks like, and a snippet of the msbuild output including service messages, and the 'download all tests as CSV'. (Tests are renamed to protect our clients' anonymity).

Using TeamCity 5.1.4, Gallio 3.2.456.0.


Do you run tests concurrently?
Please capture gallio output to some file and attach it.


Full Gallio/MSBuild log attached. Tests are not parallelized.


Thank you!
I've checked the log and found that Gallio runner reports nested 'testSuiteStarted' messages. This could be the source of an issue. Please create an issue in our issue tracker at Please attach the log there to.

Is that possible to update gallio teamcity plugin to avoid sending nested 'testSuiteStarted' messages?


Bug created at

Using the latest version of Gallio already - I haven't contacted them yet because I wanted to confirm it wasn't a bug with TeamCity first (it's open source, they will probably tell me to fix it myself :))

BTW I found an easier way to reproduce the problem (just set up a new build that replays the log at the command line). All is attached.


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