% Duplication in .NET Duplicate Finder?

The .NET duplciate finder has worked very well for us. However, now we want to start measuring the amount of duplication as a percentage of the total code base. Is there any way to get this information from TeamCity? Given that the report gives the compexity of each duplicate, I suspect I only need is a complexity figure for the entire codebase.


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I wrote two issues about it:

  • TW-13484 .NET duplicates: report statistics in xml report
  • TW-13485 .NET duplicates: plot total duplicates cost, total duplicates cost / codebase cost in statistics

Former one is much easier to implement and will be sufficient for your needs.
Please vote / watch those issues...

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Thanks. Until either of these features gets implemented, I think I can get a reasonable approximation by counting the LOC (using some other tool) and then parsing the duplicate report xml file to extract the number of lines in each duplicate fragment.


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