multi-core processors

Is there any support for multi-core processors?
For example I have to run an agent on remote machine and/or one on server.
Is there any official document on jetbrains site on this topic?


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What kind of support do you need? TeamCity server and agent both run inside JVM, and JVM itself supports multi-core processors.

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Thanks for reply.
Do you have personal experience with some multi-core configuration
(and ideally compared to others TeamCity-equal stuff)?
It seems to me that if one has multi-core server and few projects
(with compiling, code analysis, expensive junit testing, etc.)
there can be some optimization far behind "JVM itself" in place.

The problem I've to solve is to introduce build automation into development
environment, so if there is some reasonable support for multi-core procs.
(measured somehow) it can be one of the criteria.
But I haven't found any discussion anywhere
(for example search on this site gives only one unanswered question from cca 2008),
so it is probably misguided thought.

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TeamCity server itself does not run builds, it only gathers information and provides single point of access to build results. Builds are running by agents, and agents can be installed on any PC or server in your network. You can also install more than one agent on the same PC, although this is not recommended approach because in many cases the disk system is the main bottleneck, not the CPU.


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