Agent side check-in

Is there anyway to utilize the agent side SVN/CVS client when files need to be checked back into source control since TC is managing the check-out?
I would like to avoid haveing to setup the source control clients on the agents and have to worry about the source logic and credentials in the build scripts.
I also don't want to get into problems where TC checks out as one user and the build script may try to check-in as a different user.  I want to continue to use TC to check-out the code since it is a huge advantage as opposed to having the build scripts manage it.


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  Actually, TeamCity doesn't provide this possibility. Regarding SVN, TeamCity uses SVNKit java library, but it doesn't include scripts which allow to run SVNKit from command line. The same applies to CVS.

  I think that we could try to implement a service message which commits a file for your build, something like

  ##teamcity[commit vcs='svn' path='path/to/file']

  Feel free to write a feature request for that, but that syntax should be implemented individually for each VCS.


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Your suggestion with the service message option would be a great feature.
I have created an issue to track it.



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