TeamCity 5.1.4 hangs

Hi everyone,

We upgraded from 5.1.2 to 5.1.4 so we could utilize the fix for

Now, every build hangs TeamCity.

What's strange is that when I look in the log files, everything looks OK.  The build agent log says the build is complete, the TeamCity log files corroborate.

The TeamCity server itself goes out to lunch though, never responding to requests.  Are there any sorts of logs I should be providing here?




Turns out it was hanging because I didn't change the default "demo only" values for memory, etc. in the shell scripts.

Seems like a pretty invisible place to hide these things :(



Unless you have a big installation with a lot of projects and builds, default values should work just fine. Please provide more details on your setup. What Java version do you use, is this 64 bit JVM or 32 bit JVM, how much memory did you set?


This is the latest version of Java (1.6.20) on OS/X Snow Leopad 64-bit.  Changing the buildAgent from the default 384MB to 1GB worked for us!


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