NUnit parser bug/error

Hi Guys

I have a build that produces an nunit xml file which is processed by teamcity. Its finding it correctly and is attempting to parse it. It has the following exception:

[16:07:57]: Failed to parse C:\BuildAgent\work\a416ea07661f42a\AutomationTestResults\AutomationTestResults.xml with NUnit parser
[16:07:57]: Failed to process some NUnit reports
[16:07:57]: ##teamcity[buildStatus status='FAILURE' text='Failed to process some NUnit reports']

These tests are using Nunit NUnit- and uses the data driven test features. I've attached some sample xml produced by nunit using a dummy/simple test project. I've also attached the complete build log, its only 64 lines.

Please advice,



p.s. We have an enterprise licence, if requried I can raise a support request.


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