TeamCity: Error on VCS update

Hey Guys,

I have some trouble getting the VCS of teamcity work. I'm using perforce and the TC-Server should be configured correct, but when running the project I'm getting the error:

[Updating sources: server side checkout...] Error while applying patch: Failed to change text file: C:\Projects\BuildSrv7... C:\Projects\BuildSrv7.. (Access denied)

I checked the Settings and everybody has full rights in the directory.

And idea, what to do, or how this could happen?

Thanks in advance - Thomas

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Hello Thomas,

  Could you please provide logs from TeamCity/log directory. Namely, we'll need teamcity-server.log and teamcity-vcs.log files.
  You can create an issue in our tracker and attach logs there, with visibility to teamcity-developers group only.



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