VCS Root templates?

I've seen a few other threads asking about this, but wanted to know if its already a planned feature?

I am using Accurev as my primary VCS, also Perforce for some data.

Because Accurev has a lot of branches (or Streams as they call them) I have a lot of different VCS roots to test these branches.

It would be ideal if I could set up a VCS Root Template that determined most of the accurev server-specific settings and just left the Stream and Vcs root name to be set.

It doesn't seem to be possible to do this at the moment, correct?

Can I add this to a requested feature list or vote for an existing issue, if there is one.

I would imagine it would work similarly to build templates, you set some properties in the Template but leave other blank OR enter %parameters% for them, which then have to be supplied when you use the template.
So instead of creating a new VCS root from scratch, you derive one from a VCS Root Template.

I would expect this could work across any VCS plugin really, if you just did it via a %parameter% substitution mechanism? It would just be a new way of supplying parameters to the plugin really.

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There is a feature request for supporting parameters in VCS roots:
Unfortunately it seems this feature is a bit larger than we initially thought, and because of this it won't be included into the TeamCity 6.0 version. However, it is very popular and most likely we'll try to implement it in the 6.1 version.

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Thank you again - I have voted on that issue now :-)


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