email notification issue

We are using Team City 5.1.4, we are trying to set up the email notification for build failure.
I created a developer's user group with the following "notification rules"

watching All projects
- The build starts
- The build fails (only notify on the first failure after success)
- Notify when the first error occurs
- The build is successful (only notify on the first success after failure)

The test email was sent out properly, however everytime the project fails to build, we didn't get the email notification.

And in the log file, we haev found the error entry:

"Build failed notificator; buildId=28; No failed tests found; signature is the same. Nobody will be notifie"

Does anyone know where we should have a look to get the email notification work properly?



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Do you receive the notifications on build start and success?
Do you have failed tests detected when the build fails?



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