Build triggering, VCS Trigger patterns have no effect in TC Enterprise 4.5.6


We want to prevent our Rails app (in a git repo) from rebuilding and redeploying when only functional test code has changed (anything under $RAILS_ROOT/features, basically).  The deploy and the functional test builds should only run when the app has actually changed.

On "Build Triggering" for the main dev build,  I have added the following Trigger Patterns:


Still however changes to any of these paths are sufficient to kick off the main build.  I've also tried without specifying the root.

One odd thing I've noticed, that makes me suspect a bug somewhere.  On "Settings" for the build, I notice that the "Trigger Patterns" properties are indented, as if child  properties of the previous property.  In fact, the html markup indicates as much, because they have CSS class "nestedParameter".

<div > Quiet period: ;  not specified

</div> <div >
Trigger patterns:

But note that I only care about the display formatting issue on "Settings" insofar as it may provide a clue to the failure of the Trigger Patterns.  (I don't have access to the TC server here at Big Co., so I can't inspect the config XML myself.)
Any ideas would be much appreciated!
tim . . .

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Hello Tim,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Can you try to use following trigger patterns:

If it does not help, please provide screenshot  of TeamCity with changes that triggers the build.
As note, you can skip root in trigger patterns because it is the same.

Kind regards,

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