phpunit, phpmd, phpcs

Any ideas about how I can troubleshoot this errors are welcome.

[20:59:44]: phpunit
[20:59:44]: [phpunit] exec
[20:59:45]: [exec] Result: 2
[20:59:45]: phpmd (13m:57s)
[20:59:45]: [phpmd] exec (4m:23s)
[21:04:08]: [exec] Result: 2
[21:04:08]: [phpmd] exec (4m:39s)
[21:08:48]: [exec] Result: 2
[21:08:48]: [phpmd] exec (4m:54s)
[21:13:42]: [exec] Result: 2
[21:18:04]: phpcs (8m:03s)
[21:18:04]: [phpcs] exec (8m:03s)
[21:26:07]: [exec] Result: 1

phpunit fails becouse I haven't xdebug at that enviroment yet, but why phpcs & phpmd could fail I don't know but they generates valid xml fiiles.
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  Try looking at buildAgent/logs/teamcity-agent.log and buildAgent/logs/teamcity-build.log .
  These log files may contain some additional information.

  Also, try running your build from the command line at the same location where TeamCity runs it.
  May be, there are some missing environment variables or something like that.

  Hope this helps,

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Just for anyone who will face with such kind of problems (really it's not a bug) - result codes fot those tool which != 0 is ok, but you have to set in TeamCity not to fail build on result codes != 0


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