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In our project we use SVN + Maven + Teamcity 6.0 EAP (build 15311).

I need to organize next workflow of release:

  1. make testing release
  2. patch testing release if its needed
  3. make production release

I think to make the next workflow:

  1. When I making a testing I put a label to SVN and till making production release developers should work with sources with this label to patch THIS release and work with trunk for next release.
  2. for patch release teamcity should update sources from SVN with the label.
  3. for making a production release teamcity also should update sources with the label.

Is it possible to automate this process, or should I manualy set the label I working with?


Hello Alexey,

As I understood you need to create one build configuration for testing and another for production. When the label is changed you have to change root in corresponding build configuration.
If this does not sound helpful, please describe case you want to archive in details.

Kind regards,


No, we don't need one configuration. It's should be up to 4 configuration.

  1. Configuration for starting workflow at creating testing release. In this step I need to set some property, wich should store current release version (and it would be beter to put it in VCS). Also I need to put some label to VCS for example (RELEASE_NUBER_test)
  2. Configuration for updating testing release. In tis step i should make checkout from VCS only sources with label RELEASE_NUBER_test for updating THIS testing release. Put the label RELEASE_NUBER_test_PATCH_NUMBER
  3. Configuration for make an production release. In this step I should chekout sources with label RELEASE_NUBER_test_LAST_PATCH_NUMBER and put another label RELEASE_NUBER_production to set the finish of workflow.
  4. Configuration for update an production release. The same as second configuration but only for release version.

And may it would be beter in russian and by e-mail (in my profile)? And if we get the interesting solution I will write it here for answer and write the artivcle in my blog.



Sorry for the delay. Please use teamcity-feedback[@]


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