Integrating QuickTest Pro with TeamCity

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I'm doing a bit of background research in regards to integrating QuickTest Pro with TeamCity.

Ideally we would like to kick off a "verify test deployment is correct" task which would execute after a test build, and run a set of QuickTest Pro automated tests that would verify the deployed website is up and running, generate some reports from the website, etc.  It would be great if we could see which tests passed and failed from within the TeamCity UI.

Is there any way that this can be done?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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You can modify your build script to send this information to the TeamCity server using service messages. This makes it possible to display test results in real-time, make test information available on the Tests tab of the Build Results page, and publish artifacts while the build is still in progress.

Also if your reporting tool produces reports in HTML format, you can extend TeamCity with a custom tab to show the information provided by the third-party reporting tool on the build results page.

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