Protect builds from launching accidentally

Is there a way to protect the build launch by a password or something? e.g. a string to be entered before starting the build or confirming a dialog?

In our case, we have one build configuration to build the project and one to deploy the project to the production server. I don't want to start the deploy configuration without confirmation.


Hi Oleg,

thanks for pointing me towards the ticket. I voted for it.

Before TeamCity we used Hudson as build system and I added an build-property to the deploy build. This let Hudson show me a page before launching the build, where I could ask for a dummy property. But it was enough to stop launching it accidentally.


You're welcome. We have exactly the same need for confirmation before deployment to avoid accidental deployments, so thanks for voting in support!


Here's my work-around: make a command-line software (with C or anything) that cout "WARNING: blabla. Press y to continue". Loop while the input is not exactly "y". 

Once you have that, add this software in Before Lunch of your critical build config.

When you press your dangerous build, it will ask you permission. It will not continue until y has been pressed, and if you press the red box (stop execution) it will not carry on and do the dangerous stuff. 

Simple. Easy to make. Works!


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