Git commits lost after changing repo url

I had a build config with git root attached, everything went fine.
Then I had to change repo location due to my git server maintenance. During that maintenance time I made some commits to my local repo that were not pushed to git server (as it was down). And I was not building anything during that period.
After my git server had been started again, I made a bare repo from my local repo, moved it to a new location on git server and made changes in Teacmity vcs root settings.
Now I made first build after repo path change and a few commits that had been made between builds are not shown, even though they are included in build.

Can I somehow rewind TeamCity to make it see those lost changes?

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The changes are probably included into the build (you can check Revisions on the Changes tab of the build), they were just not detected/displayed in TeamCity.

Looks like a known issue: TW-3853. Feel free to vote!

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Yes, the issue describes the situation. Thanks.


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