TeamCity Server Error - Catalina.bat

I have installed team city 5.1.4 on my Windows 7 Machine.
I then start the server from catalina.bat because I need to debug the accurev plugin.

1: When started using catalina.bat the program starts using C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\.BuildServer as it's Home Directory.
How can I get it to use %userprofile%.BuildServer as it's home directory.

2: Also the accurev plugin stops working with the following error:

ACAPI: 'accurev.exe' 'hist' '-H' 'tt-accurev:5050' '-A' '493190f3ab1c517c17cd06f35787af6d' '-fx' '-t' 'now.1' '-p' 'TT'
-Error- 1 OS error - aos.c:702 - no mounted filesystem matched path '.' ()
- System Error: 127 The specified procedure could not be found

I am hoping that changing the Home Directory will fix the error with Accurev.
But How can I get TeamCity server to use %userprofile%.BuildServer as it's home directory.
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It seems that system assumes it is running under SYSTEM user account when it choses to use C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\.BuildServer ...
So far have no idea why is it so. may be some environment is not set?

When run from console you can change location of .BuildServer via TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH environment variable.

See our doc for the full description.


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