How to set PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables on Unix build agent?

Hi -

I use TeamCity build agents on Unix to build c++ using make.  Within my makefiles I call the svn command.  I could specify the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH required to call svn within make, but it differs from server to server.

Is there a way I can set these Unix environment variables per agent? I am looking at conf/ but am unsure how to set Unix rather than java variables here.

-thanks, Barney

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Hi Barney,

The file is the place to define environment variables, you just put env. in front of each variable e.g. env.PATH=/usr/bin
The following page has all the details


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Hi  Rod -
Thanks for that reply.  Is there a way to append to an existing path though e.g. env.PATH=${env.PATH}:/usr/bin?
-regards, Barney

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You can try using TeamCity syntax there:


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