teamcity 5.1 and rake cucumber not detecting the tests

Managed to get teamcity to run my cucumber tests using the rake builder however the tests are not showing up on a test tab like they do with rspec i have the cucumber reporter attached is there something else i need to do to enable to see them?



Type of runner: Rake (Runner for executing Rake tasks, Test::Unit and RSpec tests)

Rakefile:               not specified

Working directory:   same as checkout directory

Rake tasks: db:migrate cucumber
Additional Rake command line parameters: not specified
Launching Parameters:
  • Ruby interpreter path: /home/ssmithstone/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p302/bin/ruby
  • RVM gemset name: rails235
  • Track invoke/execute stages OFF

Attached reporters:
  • Test::Unit: OFF
  • Test-Spec: OFF
  • Shoulda: OFF
  • RSpec: OFF
    RSpec options(SPEC_OPTS): not specified
  • Cucumber: ON
    Cucumber options(CUCUMBER_OPTS): not specified

XML report processing:                           disabled

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Which version of cucumber gem do you use?

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its 0.9.3

i've reported in on the bug tracker


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