target_archive artifact creation hangs build agent


I am using TeamCity 5.1.2. The TeamCity server and agents are CentOS 5.5 VMs.

I setup what I thought was a simple dynamically created tgz build artifact using a directory created during the course of a maven-based build.

The artifact path looks like this:
subdir/subdir/subdir/subdir/subdir/** => my.tgz

This path is relative to the checkout dir.

The result is that the build endlessly hangs. When I try to stop the build, I get a can't stop response.

The only way to stop the build is to do a 'kill -9 <pid>' of the java processes on the TeamCity agent and then restart the agent normally (with '')

Is this a known problem? Am I setting up the target_archive incorrectly?


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Looks like TW-12663 which should be fixed in 5.1.3

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Yes. This sounds like what has been happening. I will upgrade when I can.



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