Buildserver cleanup step "AuditLogDataCleaner" taking ages to run

Our build server is set to run its cleanup daily, and recently I've noticed it's taking ~5hrs to run. Checking the log files shows me that it seems to be the AuditLogDataCleaner step that is taking the majority of the time:

[2010-11-08 02:19:03,144]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner DependencyTriggerCleaner
[2010-11-08 02:19:03,159]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner AuditLogDataCleaner
[2010-11-08 07:07:29,033]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner TestInfoTrunkCleaner


[2010-11-09 02:19:02,107]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner DependencyTriggerCleaner
[2010-11-09 02:19:02,122]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner AuditLogDataCleaner
[2010-11-09 07:08:10,480]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner TestInfoTrunkCleaner


[2010-11-10 02:17:08,896]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner DependencyTriggerCleaner
[2010-11-10 02:17:08,911]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner AuditLogDataCleaner
[2010-11-10 07:07:21,863]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Running global cleaner TestInfoTrunkCleaner

We only have the one cleanup policy, the default which is set to "All projects, all build configurations" and cleans artifacts more than 2 days older than the last build, with other items being kept forever. Is this causing our problem?

We have a large amount of projects archived. Would it make more sense to change the default cleanup policy to be to get rid of all data, and then make an "All active projects" one which only deletes artifacts > 2 days old? Thanks.

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What Teamcity version do you use?
What database do you use?

Cleanup settings like you mention should not cause long cleaning time, so this should be addressed in TeamCity and I filed an issue for that: TW-14270.

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This is on TeamCity        Enterprise Version 5.1.4 (build 13550) sitting on MySQL Server 5.0.

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Thank you.

This is filed (and already fixed) as TW-14270.
We are going to release TeamCity 6.0 in weeks, but if you cannot wait or are not sure you will be upgrading, please let us know if you need a build of 5.1.5+ which contains a fix.


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