Installation with multiple disks, 64-bit, tons of memory and build agent on same machine

We have a pretty beefy Windows Server 2008 64-bit machine with two 15K RPM disks (actually 4, raid 1 in two pairs), 32GB memory and 3 CPUs with 8 cores.  It's a dream machine, and ideal for a Build Server.

We want this machine to act as both the build server, and as a build agent.  I'm wondering what's the best way to partition things across the machine. Should we simply put our build server on C drive and a build agent on the D drive?   Would it even be useful to run build server on C: and two build agents - one on the C drive and another on the D drive?  All of our projects that we are building are .NET.  Any use in setting up 64-bit Java or changing the JVM min/max memory settings?  We've never gotten an Out-Of-Memory error, so not sure what's the use with that one.

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