Passing properties from build log to TeamCity for email

Is it possible to pass values from a build process back to TeamCity that can then be available in the email notification?

We are using Nant, TeamCity 5.1.2.

I have tried setting a property in the build configuration and this is passed in but it is read only so I cannot update it.

Is there an are in the SBuild server-side object that can hold properties that are available from the build or updatable via the ##teamcity[message ...] mechanism?

A little background on what we need to do:

For compliance we need to create SHA1 checksums of build artifacts and get TeamCity to email them out. We can obviously do via a nant task but we would prefer it came from TeamCity then no one could tamper with it on the way or forget or remove it from the build file.



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Fot now I'd consider saving the checksums into a file, publish it as artifact and then try to read the file and include into the notificaiton body. Will probably need to write a simple plugin for that (to enale file reading logic form the template). Alternatively, can try to parse the data fro the build log using comment as a guidance.

For the future, see a feature request to allow setting properties form the build. When implemented is should allow for easy usage in the notificaiton templates. Consider voting!


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