Duplicates Finder .NET - bad default configuration?


I was putting in the Duplicates finder nito one of our projects now. I am a little shocked at irst by the HUGH amount of doubles it finds... only to figure out that basically it is configured a little too stupid for a stnadard VS:NET solution.

Basic problems I have:

* It does not include build directories. I had to add an exclude filter on **/bin/* to kill those. This is an obvious - on a lot of scenarios you copy source files to output (like .svc files, for example) which then show up as double.

* It is also handling files with a suffic .Designer.cs - which means a lot of possible double code shown for .edmx files (entity framework definitions). Per definition (avoid manual double code) it should ignore all generated code. Especially Property Setters are something it really looooves to show - they contain some logic in entity framework for property change tracking.

* I am not too sure how sensitive 70 as double is, but it shouls doubles for this code:



          Console.WriteLine(string.Format("{0} - {1} - {2} - {3}", DateTime.Now, entry.ActivityId, entry.Severity, entry.Message));          


     catch (Exception)


          // Sth... happens



Anyone else found it takes too much configuration to get this runner nito a sensible state of mind out of the box? I would really have expected it to only show me doubles in MY code as default. let's not talk about how bad that is, a similar complexity code is found quite often withoour software (logging an exception then rethrowing). I dont really see this as doubles, complexity wise.

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