Dbmigration tool not working with 6.0

I just updated to Teamcity 6.0 and I thought it would be a good time to upgrade my db to sql 2010
I'm running the following command.
maintainDB migrate -T "E:\TeamCity\.BuildServer\config\database.properties" -A "E:\TeamCity\.BuildServer" and I get the following error.
Cannot proceed with 'migrate' command: Source database is empty or corrupted.

Not specifying source database takes says that it cant be found.

1)  I start team city with the db settings and it creats all the tables so I know that works.
2)  If I then run the above command I get an errror the the target database is not empty.  Redeleting the tables in my sql database doesnt help
3) I can run team city with a no sql database no problem.


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Can you provide the full output of the command?

It seems that the tool reads the sources database from the current database settings (that is .BuildServer\config\database.properties) and you specify the target database properties as the same faile.

If you are using internal database, currently, then it seems you need not placing database.properties into "config" directory before attempting the migraiton, but the file differently and specify it via -T.

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We ended up just starting from scratch with a new database and getting rid of the history.


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