Teamcity 6 and dotcover error

I get this error in the build log when I try to use dotcover.

Generate dotCover report (20s)

[16:39:32]: [Generate dotCover report] dotCover exited with code: -1
[16:39:32]: [Generate dotCover report] dotCover returned non-zero exit code.
[16:39:34]: Generate dotCover HTML report (2s)
[16:39:34]: [Generate dotCover HTML report] Loading dotCover report file... (2s)
[16:39:37]: [Loading dotCover report file...] Failed  to read dotCover report from:  C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\dotCover4308003091714464036Report.  XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.
[16:39:38]: Failed  to compute .NET Coverage statistics for dotCover report generator' XML  document structures must start and end within the same entity.

the xml file is there and is 50 MB big and does not end in the correct way. Like dotcover did not write out the XML correctly.

it ends here.

<Assembly Name="Vintasoft.Barcode" CoveredStatements="0" TotalStatements="0" CoveragePercent="0">
    <Namespace Name="

Vintsoft barcode is an external library. I should probably exclude it from coverage. But perhaps that's not the issue.

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After I excluded VintaSoft.Barcode and VintaSoft.Twain all worked well.

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Hello Christiaan,
Could you please provide us full build log or specify here excerpt with dotCover console output?


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