system@machinename build fails

I have TeamCity setup on my machine as an automated build server, for my personal projects.

Here is how I have it setup..

I create a project with a single configuration for Auto Commits, so when I commit to HG it'll run

My build steps are setup like this:

Command Line
This runs "C:\Windows\StartServer.bat"

StartServer.bat contains:
@echo off
TASKLIST /NH | FIND /I "webdev.webserver40.exe"
IF %ERRORLEVEL% ==0 goto Kill

start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\DevServer\10.0\WebDev.WebServer40.exe" /port:55525 /path:"%1\WebService1"
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\DevServer\10.0\WebDev.WebServer40.exe" /port:55526 /path:"%1\WebService2"

taskkill /IM webdev.webserver40.exe /F
goto exit

Command Line
This runs "C:\Windows\StopServer.bat"

Contains same as above but does not start the webdev.webserver40.exe

Works great, starts a development server then shuts it down after mstest is done.. reason for this, I won't want to copy to IIS to run my builds.

Here is one issue I'm having..
Build runs, everything builds and it tests, and everything passes..

However another build happens with username "system@machinename" and it fails, it actually fails at StartBatch.bat, question I have is.. why does it run when I did not commit? and usually when it runs, it runs under my username, not system@machinename?

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