Ignored NUnit Tests

I have a project with 3 ignored tests, but TeamCity is reporting 8 ignored tests. I am running NUnit from NAnt using the teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher property.

This is what shows in the overview for the build configuration under "8 tests ignored":

DocumentExporterTest.Export_DataAccessDocument_ExportOptions (Obtineo.Stellent.Ex…Stellent.Export_Test) - Sometimes Stellent can not find the filter dlls

DocumentExporterTest.Export_DataAccessDocument_ExportOptions_string (Obtineo.Stellent.Ex…Stellent.Export_Test) - Sometimes Stellent can not find the filter dlls

Export_Test.DocumentExporterTest (Obtineo.Stellent.Ex…ll: Obtineo.Stellent)

Stellent.Export_Test (Obtineo.Stellent.Ex…rt-Test.dll: Obtineo)

Obtineo.Stellent (Obtineo.Stellent.Export-Test.dll)

Obtineo (Obtineo.Stellent.Export-Test.dll)

D:\TeamCity\Work\Agent 02\3c1446a419ea55d1\Working\Test\Libraries\Stellent.Export-Test\Bin\Obtineo.Stellent.Export-Test.dll (Obtineo.Stellent.Export-Test.dll)

PdfExportOptionsTest.ExportPdf (Obtineo.Stellent.Ex…lent.Export.Pdf_Test) - Sometimes Stellent can not find the filter dlls

There are actually 5 unit test assemblies that are run. 1 assemby has 2 ignored tests and 1 assemby has 1 ignored test. The assembly names are Blah-Test.dll which results in a namespace Blah_Test. It looks like TeamCity is picking up some namespaces and assembly paths as ignored tests, but I'm not sure why that is.

I am running TeamCity 6.0 (build 15772)

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