Downloading ISO artifact in IE8 difficult


My TeamCity build produces an .ISO (CD image) artifact.

If I click on the artifact from Chrome, it downloads nicely.

If I click on the artifact from IE8, I get a page of gobbledegook in the browser. I have to right-click the artifact, Save As, and then it wants me to save as a filename with .html extension.

Not a major issue, but not a very polished user experience.

Seems like IE8 doesn't know what a .ISO is, and is content-sniffing and guessing that it's HTML or plaintext, and so just rendering it as such.

Can TeamCity set a mimetype or something so that IE behaves nicely with the .ISO?


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Hi Darren,

Please try to edit your /WEB-INF/web.xml file and set the MIME type for ISO extension.
Also you can try to add this MIME type into "attachmentMimeTypes" parameter.



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