How can I run nunit tests from teamcity not using the teamcity nunit lancher

Current teamcity scenario. Server1 , agent1
Currently I am running nunit tests using teamcity nunit launcher from agent1. I am facing few problems with it.
First: I am running automation testing using watin which interacts with the desktop. when I am using teamcity launcher it pops up the screen of interactive services dialog. whereas I am running the build using agent1. What I am expecting it to directly display IE instead of going through some dialog.

Secondly: When I run tests locally with nunit, data is successfully saved in a textfile. Whereas If I try it from teamcity it wipes the whole file.

Is there any way I explicitly use nunit and give it a path to run from instead from nunit launcher.

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For the first question: starting from Windows Vista, services are isolated and cannot interact with user desktop. There are two options:

  1. Allow tests to run by agent service in background. To prevent dialog pop-ups, clear "Allow service to interact with desktop" option in agent service settings.
  2. Run the agent within user session by agent.bat.


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Data file deletion can be caused by "Clean all files before build" option in version control settings. Anyway, if you need to save any data between builds, put it into %ProgramData% folder.

As alternative to native NUnit runner, you can start nunit-console.exe by command-line runner.

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Please take a look to TeamCity addin for NUnit, this would allow you to have on-the-fly tests reporting when using NUnit-Console.exe


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