Setup teamcity for multiple teams


I may be overlooking this information,

but I don't find how I can easily manage the projects for multiple teams, that aren't interested in each other's builds.

Is there a way to link Projects to a group of users.   

and let them have an administrator to manage their projects only ?

The only way to do that, seems to use the 'Visibility' of a project for the user that is logged on.

--> but that depends on each user knowing exactly what they're doing in teamcity, while most don't need/want to configure teamcity.

--> I'd like to able to manage this 'visibility' on 'group' level rather than 'user' level.

I'm managing 2-3 teams that I'm training so that they can manage their CI by themselves.

--> one of those teams is a distributed team but that can easily be managed using a single build agent for now.



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If you need per project access rights, you should use TeamCity enterprise. TeamCity professional does not support per project permissions. More on this in our documentation:

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Hey Pavel,

thx for the hint !   We indeed have an enterprise license and that indeed solves a large part of our issue.

--> It would still be usefull though to manage projects as groups as well.  So I added my vote to TW705.

By the way, I wanted to 'upgrade' the value of your answer.  How can I set it to : 'problem fixed' rather than just 'helpfull' ?


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