TC5 JIRA Integration

I'm trying to implement JIRA integration in TeamCity 5.1.3, but when I attempt either to Get All Projects or Test Connection, I get the error illustrated below.  Can anybody advise?


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Are there any errors in the teamcity-server.log file?

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Only the following:

[2010-12-22 14:16:11,194]   INFO - er.jira.JiraProjectsController -
[2010-12-22 14:16:52,867]   INFO - er.jira.JiraProjectsController -
[2010-12-22 14:17:18,871]   INFO - er.jira.JiraProjectsController -
[2010-12-22 14:19:01,844]   INFO - er.jira.JiraProjectsController -
[2010-12-22 14:24:13,487]   INFO - er.jira.JiraProjectsController -
[2010-12-22 14:38:43,154]   INFO - er.jira.JiraProjectsController -

I suspect it might be a firewall or proxy server issue.  How does TC manage proxy access in these circumstances?

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Hi Ken,

You will see the details of the error if you enable debug logging, but I suspect this is I/O error, probably related to proxy settings.
TeamCity currently does not provide any special support for proxies (please vote for requests btw: and
In the second issue you can find the workaround - configure proxy settings for whole Java process.



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