Problems getting rcov coverage info in RubyMine 3.0.1


I am trying to add rcov coverage analysis to a couple of my projects ( this one is open - )

As per the instructions, I have installed the rcov gem and enabled the code coverage bits in the test config.  That seems ok.

I am using the default Test::Unit stuff - admittedly most of my tests fail and those that do succeed are trivial...

The Tools | Show Code Coverage Data menu option is now enabled, but after running the tests, when I click on it, I get a little popup - "Coverage Suites" - with one option, "No coverage".

Am I missing some option to enable it further in 3.0.1?

When I run rcov from the command line, using "rcov test/*.rb", it says no tests found... perhaps my issue is more fundamental :(

Also, is there a way to get this running with rcov in TeamCity, perhaps via a command line call to rcov?

Or is that something on the "to-do" list?

Many thanks,

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It seems the question is mostly RubyMine related, but I will try to answer the TeamCity related part.
TeamCity currently does not have direct support for rcov. By direct support I mean automated import of coverage data and reports. But given that your build produces HTML coverage report and this report is published as TeamCity artifact you can integrate it in the TeamCity UI:

You can also publish coverage statistics to TeamCity:


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