Is it possible to have dependencies across two TeamCity servers?

I work for a small software company that develops an internal system for a client.

We have TeamCity (call this MyTeamCity) building the system within our company. MyTeamCity is used to compile & test (call this build "Continuous") and deploy to an internal test environment (call this build "Deploy-Test").

Deploy-Test has artifact dependencies on Continuous.

This means we can use the "Promote" action to push specific versions to our test environment, or run the Deploy-Test build using the artifacts from the particular Continuous we want to deploy.

The client also have their own TeamCity server (call this TheirTeamCity) within their own locked down environment. Their build agents have access to their environments, all the way up to production.

Is there any way to link TheirTeamCity with MyTeamCity?

This would allow us to create Deploy-UAT, Deploy-Production etc builds for each environments within the client's network, where TheirTeamCity:Deploy-<X> has artifact dependencies on our MyTeamCity:Continuous - making deployment consistent across all environments.
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Currently this can't be done with help of built in dependencies (feel free to submit feature request), but you can download artifacts using existing HTTP clients, like wget, read more on this here:


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