Is there a way to get Build Agents list using MSBuild

Hi All,

I am not sure this question is related to TeamCity interface or MsBuild?

Currently, we are using TeamCity 5.1.4 and configured 3 build configurations with in TeamCity interface.The build runner
for these build configurations is MSBuild and it compiles the test suite solution files.Also, internally I wrote the script to
use NUnit for execution of test cases. Till now, I didn't see any problem and all are working fine.

Now, I am planning to add one more build configuration to trigger the remaining 3 build configurations. All most all,
I have implemented the script to implement this. But its not working as expected because its triggering the
builds in a sequential manner and all of them are executing on same agent machine (i.e. the machine, which executing
the 4th build configuration).  I want to trigger the builds on specific agent machines using MsBuild scripts.

Could you please let me know, Is there any way to get the Build agents information using MSBuild. Also, let me know,
how to trigger the builds on particular agents using msbuild


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