Build design question (Teamcity 6)


I just upgraded to teamcity 6 and I need advices on how to design our build.

We have 2 agents, one on Mac and one on Windows.
The main one is Mac. This is where Teamcity 6 is installed with the default agent.
This "node", the main one, is to test our product under Safari, Firefox, Chrome.
This works fine.

I recently added the Windows node in order to also test our product under IE7 and maybe other browsers.
This machine is slow compared to the main one, so only IE7 should be enough.

Currently, on Mac, the main "node", the build is triggered by SVN changes and it workd perfectly.

How to design the build in order to :
1. continue trigerring the main build by SVN changes
2. launch in parallel on the Windiows node the build
3. consolidate the result so there is conceptually only one build.
If the build on Windows node fails, the entire build should fail.
Both should be OK for the entire build to be OK.

Is it doable ?
How should I design the build ?

2 projects ? I don't think so ...
2 builds in the same project ? Why not but how to link them so it launch in parrallel ?
2 build runner ? If yes, how to restrict to specific agent ?
2 dependencies ? I don't see a way to launch in parallel ... and there is no deliverable in common.

Thanks for your help !

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Well, it is possible to configure one build configuration which will watch for changes in SVN and it's build script will trigger two builds of another configuration on two different agents by sending HTTP requests:

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Wow ... it look like overcomplicated, this would mean the product do not handle that.
Also, it would not gather the global build result ad I would have to do this by hand.

I'm really surprise, I was thinking that several build agent can team to one build. Am I wrong ???
How to make 2 agents to team up for one build ?


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