VCS Trigger not triggering under a /root directory

Under "Edit VCS Root" in the Root* field, my project is mapped to the following "$/Apollo/Root/V3".  For some unknown reason, the VCS trigger will not trigger any project(s) under "/Root/".  All other projects in "$/Apollo/", the VCS triggering works perfectly.

Is this a bug or is it by design that no project under a /root folder will not trigger the VCS trigger?

I'm using TFS as my VCS type and TeamCity Professional Version 6.0 (build 15772)




Sorry for the delay in replying.

Can you please detail your VCS root settings (e.g. with a screenshot), checkout rules used?

Please also describethe changes in the TFS.
What exacty do you expect to occur and what is not happening?

Are the changes detected/shown in UI in TeamCity?

One issue that might be related is that paths in TeamCity are case-sensitive so you might need to ensure the casing is indentiacal everywhere.



Attached is a screentshot of the VCS root settings.  Note, no checkout rules was used so by default, any file that that is checked in will trigger a new build.

As for the expected result when a file is checked in:

I expect to see the "Current Status" change from "Idle" to "Running 1 build" on TC UI.

When a file is checked in, changes are detected on TC UI and build successfully:

Whe a file is checked in, changes are NOT detected on TC UI so nothing happens.

I've also confirm the casing are identical and still does not trigger a build when the root name is under $/Apollo/Root/

Please let me know if you need more info.




Can you please attach description of the change not detected by TeamCity. What type of change is it? What files are changed and by what command?


Please attach VCS trigger settings screenshot too


Can you please attach description of the change not detected by  TeamCity. What type of change is it? What files are changed and by what  command?

For this testing purposes, I've open a simple html file and added an extra space and then save, comment and checked-in the file on MVS 2008.  I've also applied simple changes to .aspx and config files w/out any success.

Note, these same changes work just fine when to directory is not under $/Apollo/Root/.

Another note, when I set my root directory to just "$/Apollo/", files that are checked in from "/Root/v3" or any other projects within /Apollo/ would be detected by the VCS Trigger and the build will start.  However, I don't want other files from other projects to trigger the build since I only want /Root/v3 to do the triggering.  Basically, VCS Trigger detects changes from "Root/V3" only if I set my root directory to "$/Apollo/" and not "$/Apollo/Root/v3".

Eugene - see attached VCS Trigger screenshot

Please let me know if you need more info.



What are the TFS paths of the files you changed.

If you created TFS VCS root for "$/Apollo/Root/v3" folder, the changes will only be checked under that folder.

Does TeamCity detect the change in files. Please try the following:
- set root to $/Apollo/Root/v3
- start the build
- wait for build to start
- make a change under $/Apollo/Root/v3 and check it in
- start another build
- wait for build to start.

Does the second build contain you change in the 'Changes'?

If yes, please check quiet period setting in VCS trigger. There could also be some exclude rules specified, please check them too.
If no, please write the version of TFS and the version of Team Explorer you use on the server.



The files I modified are under $/Apollo/Root/v3/Website.

I followed the steps you asked but without any success.  My second build does indeed contain my changes in the actual build but does NOT show my change in the 'Changes' column.

I notice TFS and Team Explorer have the same version 9.0.21022.8

Team Foundation Server 2008 - Final Release (9.0.21022.8) Standard Edition

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Explorer Version 9.0.21022.8


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