Where can I get detailed information of a change set?

In TeamCity, after each build, we can view information of the change sets included in this build in the "change" tab. In our case,  it includes who committed the change sets, changed files, and VCS comments.
However, it seems to us that we can only get the changed file list through %system.teamcity.build.changedFiles.file%.

Is there a way to get more detailed information, especially commiter and VCS comments?
We need these information to generate code review automatically. So far we execute a perl script which parse SVN log to do the job. However, to do so force us to change VCS checkout mode from "automatically on server" to "automatically on build agent". We prefer the former.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi James

This data is not exposed as a property, but you can use REST API to obtain a change set:
and follow HREFs there to get details of each change.

Also, you may find this thread useful: http://devnet.jetbrains.net/thread/293113



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