NUnit - "Category name must not contain..."

We currently have two similar builds configured, one using a custom NAnt script, the other using TeamCity's runner. Both builds run tests, the NAnt script calling NUnit 2.5.2 explicitly, the TeamCity build using NUnit 2.5.8.

We are getting some ignored tests in the TeamCity build with the message:

Category name must not contain ',', '!', '+' or '-'

Is this a limitation of (the newer version of) NUnit or TeamCity? I cannot find any information as to which tool this message is coming from.

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Hi Adrian

Could you please tell the details: how category includes/excludes are configured in runner settings? What names do you actually use in the code? Attach full build log.


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Category includes/excludes:

The cateogry name applied to the tests that get incorrectly ignored is:

[Category("Functional-Data Tests")]

I cannot include the build log as is is huge (~90MB) and has company-specific information in it. Instead, if you point me at something specific to look for, I can check the log file contents.

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Seems it's a new restriction of NUnit 2.5.6:



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