Unattended installation of Tray Notification tool


We'll shortly be rolling TeamCity out to all our developers here. I'm looking into if it's possible to do unattended installs of the tray tool  so I can push  it out through Microsoft SCCM.

It comes as an MSI file and I can install it from the command line but I still get the UI asking for the URL. If I turn off the UI with the /qn switch but then the installer fails. However, I can't find a way of putting the URL into a commandline argument so I always have to have the UI.

Does anybody have any experience of rolling out the tray tool through an unattended install and if so, does anybody know how to pass the URL to the installer without showing the GUI?



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Hi David

Actually URL dialog is displayed by the tool itself. Setup just starts it automatically due to default setting on last step (on the screenshot).
I don't have experience with SCCM, but think it should have some tools to configure settings in installed packages. Try to change these defaults.

Fails with /qn switch may be caused by UAC. Make sure the process have enough permissions, and enable logging for further troubleshooting.



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