TeamCity 6.0.1 build trigger filter with TFS 2010 as VCS

Hello all,
I have a trouble configuring my TeamCity server build triggers for specific users only.
My initial set of rules was as following:
Where domainname\user* is the username as it appears in TFS.

However, this resulted in no build triggering at all. I've ended up with:

This does trigger builds, but on every checkin by whomever performs it, which is not my intention.
Is there some known bug (which I didn't find) or am I doing something wrong?

I use VS solution builder for this configuration.

Thank you in advance.

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Please have a look at the related issue

The main reason it may not work right is the case. TeamCity treats all paths as case sensitive string. Please try copy-paste path strings from Team Explorer in exactly the same case as it was written there. Does TeamCity detects changes at all?

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I'll ensure that the paths are all right, but regarding the canges detection - yes, it does detect changes and triggers builds.

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Well, the paths are OK, and the only single rule which depends on paths seems to work.
Is there any way I can check the rules activation in logs?

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It's not enabled by default, but you can enable debug level for teamcity-vcs.log and find these events there.



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