deployment management (revisited)

I have read various threads on this forum to do with bespoke automated deployment of built code to servers. they all present interesting ways to achieve an automated deploy from TeamCity with whatever pros and cons go with that method. But I was wondering if any plans were in the cooking pot for TeamCity to extend into the continuous deployment' space. It seemed that, with the introduction of build steps, that continuous deployment was an idea in someone's head in your offices but despite watching the blog like a hawk I am yet to catch a hint of it coming true.

In my opinion, TeamCity is well placed to offer this functionality (although I'm not saying it would be easy to implement), by that I am referring to, for example, a special build step that requires manual invocation or authorisation before it commences. Maybe in later versions the ability to be executed against a number of different environments as defined in somewhere else TeamCity's config would be added. With this addition TeamCity really has just about everything needed to then call itself an 'Application Life-cycle Management' tool (for those who care about such buzz). As TeamCity already offers static analysis, code coverage, etc.

what does everyone else think?

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It seems that TeamCity can be successfully used for automated deployment already. What can be missing are: dedicated UI for configuring and visualizing advancing of the changes through the builds and some convenience features like authorization request that you've mentioned.

If you can describe requirements for a specific setup I can probably propose a way to set that up in TeamCity.

So far we do not (yet) have a main goal of making automated/contionious deployment as easy as possible in TeamCity, but we definitely want to make TeamCity a good choice for using in the area and we are open to suggestions.

If you or someone can describe the specific features that will improve TeamCity power or user experience in the area, we are ready to consider them for the next major releases.

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Thanks for your offer of help. I have no specific issue to overcome here and I agree, teamcity does already support doing deploys in a multitude of flavours, but yes, what I am getting at is a UI extension to support deployment steps and giving feedback. I shall gather my thoughts and put together some scenario based requirements (stories?) for consideration and will post them to this thread.

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> I shall gather my thoughts and put together some scenario based  requirements (stories?) for consideration and will post them to this  thread.

Great! Will be wating for them.
Anyone interested is welcome to add stories/"requirements" too.


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