How to hide the critical errors of server health onn the top of TeamCity page


 Currently I am using TeamCity Enterprise 8.1 and there are some critical errors (about configuration file) shown on each page of the TeamCity (as the attached image shown), and I did not find a way to remove these messages as the TeamCity 8.x Documentation states

To remove an item from display, use the hide option next to an item on the report page. For global items, this option is available in every server health message.

My account have both System administrator role and Project administrator role, so how can I remove these error messages? Thanks for your help!


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Hi Carlos,

The warning means that the settings stored in the TeamCity Data Directory are in inconsistent state. Instead of hiding it's recommended to resolve the fix the probled. To resolve the issue, you need to edit the file noted in the message on the server file system. Please see the related section in documentation for more details.

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Hi Alina

Thanks for your response!


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