Automatic creation of build configuration based on Git branches

I use TeamCity with Git. I also use branching model described here: http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ - long story short there are many relatively short-living branches in my repository. Creating new config manualy whenever there's a new branch is a burden and it's screaming for automating.

Now the question is, is it possible to somehow tell TC that I want it to create new build configuration based on some template whenever it detects new branch in my git repo?
I haven't found any way and I don't think it's possible out-of-box. If that is the case, how would you set such environment?
One thing that comes to my mind is having a project with configuration that executes periodically and has one task which job is to check for any new/deleted branches and programatically add/remove build config. That task would be some script that I'd program. Does it make sense? Would it even be possible using TC API? Or do I need to write a regular TC plugin?
The method is not that important as long as I can easily use it in future projects.


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