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I have a solution which contains a few projects in 7 subversion locations, I am having some trouble setting this up, do I add all locations to the project? What should I be putting into the checkout rules box? Are there any tutorials available in creating a project in TeamCity?

Currently I am trying to build one of the projects from my solution but I am getting an error - 'Cannot Find Build Runner' ?


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Hi Eamonn

Thank you for feedback, we'll improve our documentation in this part.

I suppose, parts of your solution are more or less independent, if they are stored in separate repositories. In this case better approach would be to build them by separate configurations. Then each configuration will have its own version control root, schedule and history. Resulted binaries can be passed betwen them by artifact dependencies. Automatic triggering (i.e. start tests for each new build) can be set using snapshot dependencies.

But TeamCity allows to build all the components within a single configuration. In such case you'll need to attach multiple VCS roots to it and configure checkout rules to redirect sources to subfolders.

For example, if you have sources stored like

  • http://svn/repo1/projectA
  • http://svn/repo1/projectB
  • http://svn/repo2/projectC

configure roots as

  • VCS root 1
    • url: http://svn/repo1
    • chechout rule: +:ProjectA
    • chechout rule: +:ProjectB
  • VCS root 2
    • url: http://svn/repo2
    • chechout rule: +:ProjectC

As result all the sources will be checked out into subfolders under the same folder.

This feature is flexible, and there are other ways to achieve the same behavior. For example you can configure

  • url: http://svn/repo1/ProjectA
  • chechout rule: +:.=>ProjectA

and get the same result. That very depends on your environment and goals. I suggest to start from approach described first.

To troubleshot "Cannot Find Build Runner" issue, please post a build log.


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Hi Micheal,

Thanks for your help, I think I have my projects building correctly now.

The problem I was having with the build runner was simply that I didn't need one.



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