Can Promote should use same revision when running the dependent build by default?

When promoting a build could the dependent build be run with the same VCS revision as the specific build being promoted?

We use the artifact dependency & promote features for deploying to various environments.

Build 'A' gets the installers/scripts etc

INT build, UAT build, LIVE build all depend on Build A. The only difference between each build is configuration of environment-specific variables. They use the same build script (which Build A retrieves from source control)

If I promote a particular set of artifacts from Build A to, say, LIVE, I want the build scripts that were used for that revision - not the latest build scripts.

This is possible by selecting the ellipsis next to "Promote", then selecting the relevant revision as the changeset to use.

Is there any way to make this the default? i.e. by simply clicking "run" it would use the same artifacts and same revision when running the dependent build?

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If you have snapshot dependency configured from UAT to INT and click Promote on INT build to run UAT, it should use the same revision by default (since TeamCity 5.1).

Please let us know if that does not work for you or this is not what you expect.


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