Managing the priority of builds, in particular nightly or automated tasks

I'm trying to determine the best way to manage lots of scheduled builds.  A couple of problems I'd like to solve:

  1. An administration tool of when builds are scheduled so I can balance when they get kicked off.
  2. Priority balancing in the queue so builds kicked-off manually or via a VCS trigger have priority over scheduled builds.

Does TeamCity 6.0 help with either of these?

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To my understanding TeamCity 6.0 does not address these directly.

What might be related is build queue priority feature that can reorder builds in the queue based on their Build Configurations. But so far no way to adjust priority based on triggering method.

The tool you are asking about seems to be requested by TW-9959. Please consider voting for the feature.

So far I can only suggest writing a plugin for TeamCity that will do what you need.


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